Books for MMORPG Players

A list of books for the online gamer by Felix Flauta.

Latest Characters

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Find a book based on the main character's class:

Character class-

A label that describes the actions a character might take in a role-playing game. A warrior, for example, might be someone who fights with a sword, or a spear.


    massive multiplayer online role-playing game

MMORPG Players are familiar with the following general categories which you can browse through to find a book title:

  • Leaders- Give the orders. Characters are often military or natural leaders who think fast and give commands even faster.
  • Protectors- Priests, Healers, Paladins. These characters are good on their own, but they do things that make others around them even better.
  • Scouts -Rogues, Rangers, Spies. Scouts explore and infiltrate, even in the city.
  • Warriors - Fighters. They like to pick up weapons and hit things very hard.
  • Wizards -Warlocks, Sorcerors, Necromancers. These characters change fundamental laws of the universe.

What you will find in the character entries:

  • The character's name
  • An image [if available]
  • A quotation by or about the character
  • Link to the Book list entry
  • Descriptions
  • Possible Character Classes
  • Possible list of known abilitiess
  • Known equipment
  • Allies/Enemies
  • Strange Places that the character explored
  • Quests

Sample Entry:

Harry Potter

The Boy Who Lived

Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone


A paragraph about the character's story in the book.


A single sentence that defines what the character is seeking.

Character class

More specific than the generic titles listed above. It might also list affiliations, family bloodlines, or any outside organization that might impact their character-defining abilities.


A list of cool abilities that the character displays in the book(s). MMORPG players love having new abilities as much as they love gaining treasure or loot (see next category).


Artifacts, weapons, shiny things. In MMORPGs, some of the equipment players find are visible on their avatar


In order to gain abilities, gather equipment, and complete their quests, MMORPG players need their allies.


A description of the enemies


Characters journey throughout a MMORPG to discover new and interesting places, and novels aren't much different. Many of the books from this selection came from fantasy novels, and so the settings described here reflect that.


The image of Harry Potter is from the cover art.